Miguel Soares dos Reis

Núcleo de Terapia Holística do Porto

So this is actually my company. Each element was created on a need to produce basis... after the initial corporate Id naturally.

NuTHoP stands for Holistic Therapy Nucleus of Oporto, and it is a health center. One interesting aspect was that in order to become more efficient, some design elements were created to be integrated in the regular workflow of an appointment.
This to say that being a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, it was rewarding to create pieces that ultimatelly made my work in the clinic easier!

The project  has a 360 degree approach and from print to web design, I got the chance to create at the measure of my needs. It was the first time I designed and created both a website and a blog, the first time I did a mockup and developed the facebook layout, the first time I was challenged to manage and create content for social media and also the first time I did event planning...

stationary Id card

promocional campaign offer

services voucher

nuthop's website

nuthop's wordpress blog

facebook design

promotional Flyer

consultation documents

poster 1

poster 4

poster and invitation to an open day campaign

poster 2

roll up

stationary letter

facebook event banner