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Miguel Soares dos Reis

Douro Wine Devotion

Marketing \ Branding \ Corporate ID \ Graphic Design \ Web Design

From one of the finest and most recognizable wine regions in the world, the Douro valley, a brand new winemaking company was born. Within this this project, I was challenged to create every piece from scratch. From the brand name to its corporate ID design, website, and wine labels, this truly was a project from the heart.
"Quinta do Cerro da Nora" is an amazing wine, when you have the chance, please do try it!



Branding \ Graphic Design \ Corporate Id

I was given the privilege to accompany Northroad development these last few years. Once a company focused on bike and motorcycle rental to Oporto's tourists, Northroad now offers two wheel riding experiences all over the country.
I sincerely hope you can visit my beautiful city and country anytime soon, and when you do so, try to get to know it by bike or motorcycle. In each case, Northroad is the place to refer to. Remember that name!



Marketing \ Branding \ Corporate ID \ Graphic Design \ Web Desig \ Digital Marketing \ Social Networking

This is my most recent "baby", reflecting my academic foundation as a health provider. Despite having started my professional life as a pharmacist, I recently went back to school to learn Chinese Medicine. During the process I got to know very special people with different backgrounds within Complementary Medicine, with whom I've created NUTHOP.
The website was the very first I designed and created. By the way, NUTHOP is an acronym for Holistic Therapy Nucleus of Oporto (Núcleo de Terapia Holística do Porto).



Graphic Design \ Print Design \ Packaging

Elements is a refreshing concept of what in my opinion, a modern jewellery retail shop should be like. Elements bet on notorious international jewelery brands granted them a steady and supported growth over the years.
The company is present with one retail shop in Oporto and two others in the heart of Lisbon. I had the honor to be invited to design the graphics and packaging for a mother's day mail campaign.

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