Miguel Soares dos Reis

Douro Wine Devotion

This is a project I did completely from scratch. 
I started by performing a little marketing consultancy work, studying brand names for the new company. Douro Wine Devotion was chosen as representative of the company's founders love for this region and its world known Douro wine.

After that, brand identity... Four proposals were submitted, and the final proposal was further developed to get to what you see in the pictures bellow. But the main goal of the new company was yet to come - the launch of a series of Douro wines, for which I was asked to develop the labels and the exterior packaging.

See for yourself and send in your feedback!

logo and shirt design

wine label back side

wine label proposal

wine label proposal

car decoration

back label design

label production

technical wine specs

corporate Id stationary

website design and production

wine label, back side

polo shirt design

six pack wine box